Chair’s blog January 22

A Happy New Year to you all. The sun is shining and the temperature
is dropping back to something like normal, thank goodness. I’m sure
most of us are not unhappy to wave goodbye to 2021 as we face the
future with the usual walkers’ optimism and anticipation.
The Xmas decorations will soon be down and entries made in the
new diary alongside the intended walks and gym visits to get back to
size and fitness. Sadly I missed a cracking walk on Sunday as the new
boots produced a blister on Saturday. I consoled myself by thinking
of the recce that I did with Marg earlier.
It was an improved Christmas from last year as we were able to see
family and they could come to us, however, we’re still being pretty
cautious, having come this far and all that.
It was also lovely to catch up with some members that I haven’t seen
in quite a while on my Christmas walk on the 18th December.
Although the day was typically dreary December, the conversation
and victuals were warm and sustaining.
The committee are planning the AGM and are hoping to make it
another opportunity for another get together with perhaps some
treats in store.
We have a thriving club presently and this is your opportunity to
have your say, so that we can make it even better and continue to
provide for all. We will be reporting back to our members on the
various events and initiatives we’re currently undertaking but as it is
all about you, we would love you to be there.
The date for your diary is 7-30pm Tuesday February 15th 2022 in St
Cuthbert’s Church Hall.


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