2022_01_08 Castle Howard

Leader:  Elaine Anderson  Miles 9.5



We left a cold wet Darlington to head south to the beautiful Castle Howard estate, nestled in the Howardian hills.  Thankfully the weather improved the further south we travelled.  As the rain stopped and the sun made an appearance, we all enjoyed the beautiful views along the centenary way.

Although the building of Castle Howard began in 1699 it would take another 100 years to complete.  It is one of the very few privately owned stately homes in Britain.  Owned and still run by the Howard family.

We came across many of the estates’ temples and follies, including one of the most spectacular – theTemple of the Four Winds.  It was originally known as the Temple of Diana and was designed in 1724 by the architect, John Vanbrugh.  It was built, not as a folly but for refreshment and reading.  The cellar below was used by servants to store and prepare food before being served to its many guests.

We did try to recreate our own four winds of Boreas, Eurus, Notos and Zephyrus – not sure we quite managed it.

The mausoleum was also a very impressive site.

Thanks to all who came along.  A great days walking.