2021_10_31 Larpool Hall, Cinder Path, Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby

Leaders : Marg and Maz

The ‘A’ walkers set off from the House on a very wet morning the weather worsening by the minute with strong winds and lashing rain. it was decided to continue along the Cinder Path rather than take the field paths which would have been very muddy. We arrived at Robin Hoods Bay and found a lovely wet walkers friendly cafe where hot tea/ coffee and cakes were just what we needed.

Once refreshed we carried on down to the waters edge and watched the crashing waves. Then it was back up the road knowing we had to decide whether to just go back along the Cinder Path or try the coastal one. Just as we got to the junction the weather dramatically changed, the rain stopped as did the wind so it was an easy decision.

We made for the Cleveland Way and as we got to the grassy path and coast we were greeted by the most fantastic rainbow which as we were watching just got brighter and brighter. We continued along the coast stopping for lunch and passing the Abbey on our way into Whitby. We had a little walk round the town taking in all the Goths in their lovely costumes before stopping off for a swift drink thenback to Larpool Hall

The ‘B’ walkers had planned to cut off from the Cinder Path down to the coast but due to the weather they just had a little walk along the Cinder Path then back to dry out and a walk into Whitby to enjoy Goth week