2021_10_10 Middleton in Teesdale to Coldberry Gutter

Leader : Steve          Distance :  9.5 miles

9 walkers joined Steve on a warm morning at Middleton in Teesdale. With George as back marker we followed Hudes Hope Beck past Lime Kilns thru’ woods, over streams, past Skears Hushes and fields to a minor road. We then turned westwards where the full extent of mineral extraction of the past centuries came into view.

After scaling half way up the hill, we scratched our heads wondering what purpose the buildings and structures were erected for. Once at the top of the hill we followed a water channel, again for what purpose nobody knew into Coldberry Gutter.

Some of the group the visited the trig point (529m) at Hardberry Hill also the Reservoir nearby, then lunch was taken. Afterwards it was thru’ Red Grooves Hushes to Silver Hill and beyond to Newbiggin. It was here we viewed a Wesleyan Chapel that became a holiday let in 2018. The owner invited us to view the conversion which was an  excellent 3 x 2bed let.

After the viewing we crossed the Newbiggin Bridge onto the Teesdale Way for 2.5 miles back to Middleton in Teesdale. The post walk drink was in the revamped Teesdale Hotel. Thanks to everyone who turned up, enjoyed the natter.