2021_09_04 Sutton Bank, Gormire Lake & The White Horse

Leader:  Richard Harris      Distance 9.5 mls



Great walk today starting with great views from the top of Sutton Bank, lots of mountain bikers around and we had a few to dodge on the way along the top of the ridge, however we all survived and successfully made it to our first stop for elevenses. The drizzle started and everyone except Richard put their jackets on, however these were quickly taken off once we got down past through the forest and into the ferns and brambles, at this point Richard managed to lose the group after Barry was looking at the ground when Richard took a turn past an extra large amount of bracken.
After much shouting we all met up again and made our way to Gormire Lake where we had our lunch. After lunch we got across the fields and the busy road that goes up the bank. We made it through the forest and to the foot of the white horse where we all had a 99 ice-cream before tackling the 151 steps up the bank to the top of the horse. Then it was a gentle stroll back to the car park. Many thanks to those who turned out for a great day out.