2021_08_28 Leyburn & Wensley

Leader:        Jan Mole             Distance:         8.5 miles



As our walk coincided with the Wensleydale show I expected to be caught up in traffic on the Leyburn Road, but was pleasantly surprised to find our little group had no problems and were parked and ready to go.

The views from the Shawl were as lovely as ever and the weather was perfect.

Dropping down into Wensleydale we walked through the Bolton Estate along the river, back towards Wensley where we took advantage of the shade provided by the bridge to have lunch.

Sunny and warm. the temperature was just on the right side of tolerable as we crossed the Ure again via the Middleham bridge for the only ascent of the day, up to Leyburn.

All hostelries were busy but spotting a free table. Gary did a neat limbo under the rope fence to bag it. He was also the official photographer who is rightly proud of his red sports car!