2021_08_22 Beamish Circular

Leader : Jan          Distance : 10 miles

Eight of us set off in the mizzle, whereby jackets were on, then they were off and then on again. At least our wet weather gear protected us from the overgrown nettles and brambles that have flourished with the warm and wet weather. From the picnic area we followed the Beamish burn through the wood as we headed to the village of Tanfield where the church graveyard provided us with shelter and two benches on which to rest and have coffee.

Then onward and upward to the outskirts of Burnhopefield with it’s transmitter mast, through more woods alongside Bobkins burn and Causey burn to eventually cross Causey Arch in time to see the Tanfield steam train chugging along the line as we ate lunch at the picnic area.

Returning along Coppy Lane and through the wood to the rather grand Beamish Hall, we picked up the footpath that took us into the part of the museum called Pockerley Manor where we could take a peek at the small stone church before heading back.

Our return path brought us conveniently to the ‘Shepherd and Shepherdess’ where a very welcome post – walk drink was much appreciated