2021_08_01 Wensley Circular

Leader : Elaine          Distance : 10 miles


13 of us met for a 9.30 start from Wensley village today, including Ron and John H. who were both out on their first Sunday walk with the club

Our route took us up past the remains of the 1851 Keld Heads lead smelt mine as we headed towards Gillfield wood. (The flue for the mine was extended in 1859 to an impressive 3.3kms, making it the longest in Yorkshire with a Stokoe condenser added in 1862). We would visit the end of this flue later in our walk.

In the meantime it was onwards and upwards along the MOD permissive pathway to the Bellerby firing ranges, from where we enjoyed some fine views of Wensledale. After putting our white flags away and a quick head count, we headed quickly away from the ranges and over Preston moor where we enjoyed elevenses by the shooting hut. A friendly gamekeeper came down to see us and extended his welcome to use whatever facilities there were for our purposes.

Fuelled with coffee and snacks, we headed over to visit the impressive chimney that signalled the end of our history making flue. again, we enjoyed some amazing views down the valley and over towards Penhill and to our right, Castle Bolton.

It should have been all downhill from here with a stop on the green at Preston under Scar for lunch. However after our nibbles, as we continued our descent we were stopped in our tracks by a thick rope and a never-ending line of cows! After 10-15 mins of them looking at us and we looking at them and still no sign of the last of them, we decided to re-trace our steps and climb back up to the road in order to retrace our original route out of the village

Thanks to all who came along today..