2021_07_31 Eston Nab Ridge Walk

Leader:  Richard Harris          Distance 8.5 miles

Richard writes:-

So ten of us met up at Pinchinthorpe car park on a warm but damp day.  Set off down the abandoned railway towards Nunthorpe, about a mile and a half down we turned right into the fields and made our way across to Butt’s Lane and the site of the new traffic lights.  On up the lane until we arrived at the start of the uphill part of the walk, but before that we had a nice tea break.  Then on up the hill through the trees and brambles. The going was pretty wet but we all managed it and Colin was the star getting back into the routine after his opp.  We then made our way to the nab at Eston with some great views even though it was overcast.  We decided to have our lunch in the tree line so walked a further mile away from the nab, picking and eating a few juicy bilberries on the way.  Having had lunch we made our way through an obscure path in to the woods, but it disappeared so I made the decision to get into a rather large dug ditch which michael and I had walked along a month ago.   Having managed to get everyone into the ditch we walked roughly 3/4 mile then back out of the ditch and through the remainder of the woods.  Out of the woods we had to walk across a large field which was full of cattle with young calves and bullock’s, so we managed to divert across the top of the field rather than the road which was the correct path.  Having negotiated the field we came across a pig farm and the noise was a little disturbing with all the squealing coming from the sheds.  The rest of the walk was very much a little quiet apart from the chatting and laughter from the group.  Poor Bradley was in pain with his boots but we managed to get to the garden centre for a well deserved drink and snacks.  We then walked the rest of the way across the bypass and back to the car park.