2019_12_08 Isles Bridge

Leader : Chris Hollis.          Distance : 9 miles

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Elaine reports :-

“With our leader Chris Hollis today we totalled 9 for a well paced walk in pretty Swaledale.

Soon after setting off from Isles Bridge, we were joined by a four legged friend. She blatantly flouted club rules by accompanying us on the whole of the walk despite our initial attempts to discourage her.  Not only that she also stayed ahead of the leader! Though like any good CHA leader she did check back regularly to ensure her flock were all present and correct. As the day wore on and the squally weather persisted we’d kinda got used to our little black and white pal and shared our lunch with her up high on the hill.

Heading down from the hills to river Swale level we emerged back at Isles bridge. Clearly our friend recognised she was near to home and with some encouragement, she trotted off to her bed. No doubt counting walkers instead of sheep in her dreams tonight…..