2019_10_20 Balderhead

Leader : Steve Hook.          Distance : 12 miles

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Steve reports :-

Steve lead 5 others across the dam wall of Balderhead reservoir then onto shooters tracks and then off-piste to the 1st peak of Shacklesborough at 454m with it’s trig point and cairn.

(”Was it brought from Kirby Stephen” he was asked, it looked like one of the Nine Standards. Thereafter, more off-piste from the summit lead to a pigeon loft, although the o.s. said sheepfold, a quick cuppa and banana was had among white doves. Onward again on shooters tracks and off-piste thru’ Blackton Lodge and bridge to reach the Pennine Way. Following this Steve knew there was a camping barn at Clove Lodge where lunch could be taken, BUT would it be open? YES it was. For a small donation half of which went to Mountain Rescue Services, a full kitchen could be used, settees and toilets. 10 out of 10 to Steve. After lunch it was back on the P W to Race Yate Rigg in the mizzle. In the far distance rainbows and the A66 could be seen. Turning off at Ladyfold Rigg and heading north parallel to the M O D Ranges it was up and onto Goldsborough at 357m. It is used for rock climbing purposes as noted by the numbers of steel pegs planted at the tops of the coves. Continuing on until hitting a road we turned into and thru’ East Friar House, over Blackton Reservoir dam wall, along the waters edge to Low Birk Hat Farm (Hannah Hauxwell’s old place) alongside the meadow named after her and back to the cars.The post walk drink was taken at the Rose and Crown Romaldkirk.