2019_09_28 High Coniscliffe

Leader : Richard Harris.          Distance : 10 miles.

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Richard reports :-

We all gathered in the Spotted Dog pub car park with kind permission from the landlord,  and set off down the footpath towards Walworth.  We arrived at Walworth low Grange Farm and had our morning break in beautiful sunshine,  no sign of the rain that was promised.  After our refreshments we headed off across the fields and arrived safely alongside the busy A1. It looked like an accident had occurred sometime prior to our passing through because of all the debris and a broken fence,  but ever onwards and we made it to the Baydale Beck public house for our lunch,  Richard assured that this wasn’t a trend to his walks,  it was just taking advantage of the location and the pub outside facilities.  So we had our lunch in glorious sunshine again and then set off towards the river Tees, which had rather a lot of water in due to the rain the area had lately.  The river Tees walk from Low Coniscliffe to High Coniscliffe is very scenic and a great way to pass the afternoon.

We arrived at High Coniscliffe and all went into the Spotted Dog for a well earned drink.