2019_09_05 Swale Way 12

Leader : Elaine Anderson.          Distance : 6.5 miles

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Elaine reports :-

Today we completed the last of the 12 sections of walks from just outside Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire to a few miles outside Keld in Swaledale.

In that time, we had walked the length of The River Swale.

The River Swale is a major tributary of the River Ure which itself becomes the River Ouse emptying into the North Sea via the Humber Estuary.  It’s length is 73.2mls.

It’s source is the confluence of Birkdale Beck and Great Sleddale Beck.  Running to The River Ure at Myton Bridge, it’s said to be the fastest flowing river in England.

The view of the two Becks today as they came closer and closer to each other to finally converge was indeed a sight and the resultant merger, quite majestic.

To celebrate the end of the series of walks, we travelled back to The Buck Inn in Richmond where we were met by Ian Bagshaw, his wife Victoria and Gillian Drummond.

Refreshments were enjoyed by all.

Many thanks to Ian Bagshaw whose idea it was to put on the series of linear walks for the club.  Also for his hard work in dividing the routes up into manageable sections suitable for the midweek walkers. Though unable to walk the route himself, his interest in our progress and support throughout was much appreciated.

Thanks also to Robert Wade, for his assistance on each of the routes and for providing much needed transport.

Ann Barber who led stage 11 of the walk on my behalf and big congratulations to Nigel Medcalf whose involvement in the walks enabled him to gain experience and complete his level 1 NVQ.

Finally a big thank you to Ian Nelson, who was there with me from the start, each section of the walk and the many recce’s.

He also saved me from falling further down into a deep revine near Downholme!

I hope that those who walked with us enjoyed it as much as we did.