2019_08_24 Nether Silton

Leader : Richard Harris.          Distance : 9 miles

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Richard reports :-

Everyone turned up at Nether Silton for the walk,  however where was the leader Richard?  Car trouble on the Tees flyover with the power steering kaput,  Richard limped to his local garage and made a hasty call to Nigel who raced to save the day and picked Richard up in Norton and made haste to the start point.

Another great turn out with 19 walkers ready to go,  the weather was hot and sunny all the way round.  First stop in the 2nd field Jan picked up a beautiful puff ball mushroom for her tea in the evening.  2nd stop was our tea break out of the glaring sun just before the forest,  then on upwards to just above square corner and up a little way more for our lunch break with some fantastic views.

We made our way across the high Moor and nearly left half the group who failed to spot Richard and the other half going through gate to get back down to the fields below.

Then through the farm and back along the road back to Nether Silton.  Once back we made our way to Knayton the Dog and Gun, however there was a music festival on and a five pounds entrance fee was requested.  This didn’t seem to effect Richard who had already made it past the girls collecting the money,  and when asked why he was aloud through without paying,  the girls informed Nigel that ” he was part of the band ” obviously having long hair is quite an asset when one is gagging for a well earned drink after a great day out in the hills.

Thank you for all those who turned out and made for a lovely day and help getting the walk underway.