Obituary: Reg Alexander

Reg Alexander


We are sad to announce that club member Reg. Alexander passed away on 2nd June after a short illness.

Reg had been a club member since before most of us can remember. Indeed it seemed like he had been around forever and while not a regular in his latter years all those who do remember his more active times will have an entertaining and interesting memory or a tale to tell.

In his working life Reg. was a well-known and respected Civil Engineer and was always keen to relate fascinating stories of his professional life often tongue in cheek, like the one about diverting a new road to avoid disturbing a nudist colony near Newcastle. Construction generally though was his hobby and passion as well as his livelihood and indeed he could be seen working on his now infamous swimming pool, of which he was justly proud, a few short weeks before his demise.

But above all he was a character and we are sure he would not mind us using that epithet. He became the oldest man in England at the time when, in August 2009 he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro at the ripe old age of 78 years and 306 days. “Because it was there” he said. Very shortly thereafter he could be found back down at ground level digging drains at one of his properties.

Often when out with the club Reg would go AWOL for a while only to suddenly re-appear again some time later having done his own thing. Strictly against the rules of course but then it was not in his genes to always toe the line. A loner is some ways but, notwithstanding that, great company.

A number of personal tragedies hit Reg over the years with the loss of close family members but his enthusiasm for life was never dulled.

We send our deepest sympathy to his family; they have lost a loving father and grandfather- we have lost a dear old friend.

Reg’s funeral will be held on: Friday 21st June at 11.45 at the Darlington Crematorium and those attending are invited to join the family for refreshments afterwards at the Blackwell Grange Hotel

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