Message from Les Jeavons

Here is a message Marg received from Les Jeavons, recently, after letting him know about the easier day mid-week walks now  on the programme.

Hi Marg

My email is just to say that I am giving up full day walks and to thank you for leading and to wish you well.
I have had some happy days with the club and feel it a privilege to have been a member.
Good luck to all,

I’m sorry that we won’t be having the pleasure of Les’s company in future as I and others will have many fond memories of the walks he led and joined.

In particular, I smile when I think of him sitting in a hedgerow, waiting for his group to catch up; insisting on finishing his lunch completely, before setting off again; going off-piste and then popping up at the end of a walk; running down rocky hillsides, mountain goat style and sledging in the snow, whenever the opportunity arose.

Such fun, Les.

We are pleased that he is continuing to walk and we will look out for him in South Park and around the area.

I think the photos supplied by Bill, of a Christmas walk led by Ian Bagshaw, perfectly epitomise Les.

The group take cover for lunch while Les laconically leans against the tractor wheel.