Jan’s CV forum-week 9

Some of my highlights from the previous week and and a half include a couple of walks with my old marra Bill and a great  swim at Ellerton water park which has opened under very strict guidelines. There have been telephone chats with Mark who would welcome calls from others and from Dave Wade, who is getting out and about  with Keith. They are building up their stamina ready for resumption of a walking schedule. Dave said he continues to do his own shopping but Keith seems to have charmed his neighbours who often bring round a dinner for him! (How does he do it?)

Now that the rules are eased and we can meet up with another person not of our household, it could be an opportunity to contact a club friend and suggest a walk. I’ll be happy to call on your behalf and thereby comply with data protection rules of contact, if you don’t have the friends  number .

Gillian has sent a couple of quiz sheets and I’ll provide the answers next week. Here is one of them.

Use the clues below to find Countries. 

1.Popular bird for Christmas

2 In need of a good meal

3. Where the melody is.

4 Where coffee comes from

5. Like the weather in winter

6. Hurry the lady

7. Not out darling

8. I did not walk

9. freezing place

10. A shop where bulls should not go

11. Makes a nasty mark on your clothes

12. Where male neckwear originates

13. Not old, twenty one shillings

14. Take this up when you start work

15. Don’t cry for me

16.Mournful sounds

17. Spot placed to indicate lions lair

18. Suitable hat for summer

19. Pay respects to a female singer ( a place but not a country)

20. Wot! no women

Good luck, answers next week.

For the electronically savvy, I’m thinking of putting out a Zoom quiz on Friday 5th June at 7pm. I’ll send an email link to all who are  interested. Please contact me on 07804667390 or janet.mole@ntlworld.com

i would also hold a zoom book club if there was sufficient interest. Once again register as  above. Anyone who is interested without a computer can give me a call to see how they could be included.




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