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Jan’s CV Forum October 9th

Oct 9th

Hello everyone

Not long back from a splendid weekend at HF Coniston, which was even more special because, with the threat of ever changing covid restrictions, there was always the possibility that we would not be able to go.

Sadly, some people were not able to attend as car sharing was difficult but I understand that owing to our amazing organisers no money was lost.

Having read the social media comments and viewed the photographs I can categorically say that the weekend was a huge success and here is a little poem I penned for the last night, with apologies to William Wordsworth.

We wandered lonely as the clouds,

in groups of six, well spaced and masked.

All sanitized and free of germs,

We all complied with what was asked…


…of us; but more, we had such fun!

Great walks, good grub, so much to tell.

So, thank you Marg and thanks, Elaine

And HF too; You all did well.


No prizes, but the sentiment was there.

I’m sure there will be photos and write-ups on the website soon so I will leave that to the organisers.

We came home to an empty fridge (I’ll never complain about too much food again) and with a lot of catch–up mail. However, I got my priorities right and Bill and I had a good walk yesterday-a  Cauldwell circular of nine miles plus. However, the walk was nearly over before it began as we were descended upon by a herd of frisky cows in the first field we entered. We bid a hasty retreat back over the stile and reviewed the route. Given the recent sad news about the death of the walker in Richmond, it was not worth the risk and I would always urge everyone to look for an alternative way if possible.

Later, we circumnavigated a large pasture to avoid another herd but in doing so, found  ourselves on the wrong side of the swollen beck. We used a side stepping technique on a gate suspended under the bridge to get across.  George, now refers to our walks as SAS training circuits for geriatrics!

Today I raided Sainsbury’s and tomorrow I’m heading to the arena for my flu jab. With most of my decorating done, life won’t  get much more exciting than that for a few days.

As a member of the Mayor’s multi-faith Chaplaincy Team, I was called upon to speak at the beginning of a recent ‘Zoom’council meeting. Darlington, like many other Councils has moved away from opening ‘prayers’  in favour of processes  which reflect a diversity of beliefs.

I have recently acquired ‘The Little book of Humanism’ which I often dip into for inspiration and positive thinking so I will leave you with an extract with which, I’m sure you will, identify.

We humans are part of nature, not separate from it.

We’re connected to every living thing on the planet.

If you feel a sense of quiet comfort in a green forest, or joy when the rain falls around you, or pleasure when the sun warms your face, you’re feeling a deep and meaningful connection with your own natural environment.

Try to think about this next time you are outside in nature.

We are nestled in the story of life on this planet-part of it.