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Jan’s CV forum-week 10

I have a new worry! When is a drought going to be officially announced and subsequently when will we be forbidden to water the garden? It surely is getting close to a water shortage and there doesn’t appear to be any rain forecast for the foreseeable future.

Well it takes my mind of the political shenanigans and another ‘peak’.

Once again, in spite of an easing of the guidance, I’ll be adding an extra layer of caution to any freedoms I’ve been allowed which I’m sure is the common approach of all our very sensible members. I certainly won’t be cutting off my nose to spite my face and ignoring restrictions because certain prominent characters in the government have done so.

As I mentioned last week, Ellerton water park has reopened and I was able to swim outdoors again this week. Such joy! The owners have of the park have very strict rules in place and so when the police van came round checking on how it was going, the water cannons weren’t necessary!

I see on various social media platforms that some of our members have been out and about either with a friend or alone and no doubt we’ll have a variety of walks to add to our programme in future.

Again, thanks to Gillian who has responded to my plea for news, anecdotes, anything really and provided us with another quiz and the following lovely haiku’s.

‘Exercise for health:

Tried my best but blown back home

Time for tea and scones’.


‘The George and Dragon,

Looks so bleak, shuttered and dead

Hope life after death’.

The answers to last week’s quiz are:-

  1. Turkey, 2. Hungary, 3. Tunisia, 4.Brazil, 5.Chile, 6. Russia, 7.India, Iran, 9. Iceland, 10. China, 11. Greece, 12. Thailand, 13.New Guinea, 14.Korea, 15. Argantina, 16. Wales, 17. Denmark, 18. Panama, 19. Honolulu, 20. Isle of Man.

The answers to this second quiz form Gillian are all things that can be found in a house/home.

  1. An admirer who may blow hot and cold (3)
  2. What sat on the mat(3)
  3. Might be a cure for water on the knee (3)
  4. I join the stars on the way up and down (6)
  5. To tile could be a wise move in here (6)
  6. Your favourite auto in reverse could floor you (6)
  7. The very last thing to be kicked (6)
  8. Is this a help when you are in a reflective mood. (6)
  9. Somewhere to rest your upper limbs (8)
  10. How the novel finishes (4-4)
  1. A trophy to the directors and where to keep it (8)
  2. The tiniest ripples in the kitchen (9)
  3. Alphabet container (6-3)
  4. The duck has descended to keep you warm. (9)
  5. Does it take more than four minutes to run upstairs (9)
  6. It sounds as if it should offer a view across the sea (3-6)
  7. Frighten the time keeper(5-5)
  8. A snap decision might put the family in the picture (10)
  9. Not very heavy, but it might turn on you.(5-6)
  10. Maybe the only thing not to be packed by the over careful holiday maker(7-4)


Good luck and answers next week and thanks to those who submitted last week’s quiz answers.


2020 Membership fees now due.

Dawn would like to remind people that the 2020 fees are now due.

If you would like to pay by standing order, forms are available from Dawn.

You can also pay by passing your £8 fee to any committee member.

And now for something completely different! – Standedge Tunnel outing Sunday 6th September 2020

Standedge Tunnel outing Sunday 6th September 2020


Britain’s longest,highest & deepest canal tunnel.

A canal boat trip through the tunnel for approx. 2.5 hours and then a guided walk back across the moors of 5.5 miles.

There will be a coach to transport us and the opportunity for a meal in a restaurant after the walk.

The cost for the boat and guided walk is £30 which is payable immediately to reserve a place. The cost of the coach will depend on the numbers going and it will be necessary to leave Darlington around 7-30am to arrive in time for the boat departure.

Places are limited and bookings are on a first come first served basis.

To book a place please contact Elaine Anderson ASAP.       07732718882.