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Jan’s CV Forum September 12th

Sept 9th

Hello everyone

I hope you are all well. August came and went and here we are hurtling through September and moving into autumn already.

During August, we’ve enjoyed two self catering holidays; the first in Arnside on the west,  and then Market Rasen on the edge of the Lincolnshire wolds. Both interesting areas where we made the most of the cycling and walking activities. A walk on the wolds from a little village called Walesby took us onto the ‘viking way’ where we came to the ‘Ramblers’ church with the seat in the churchyard bearing a  dedication plaque as below.

George and I took advantage of the seat and lovely views, to have our elevenses and we felt very much at home.

In between our away breaks we embarked on that other popular lockdown activity, decorating and refurbishing. Funny how jobs escalate from a seemingly innocuous decision to update the cushions on the chairs!

Like most walkers I know in the area, I followed the news of the search for the lost hiker in Teesdale with increasing concern and was mightily relieved when he turned up fit and well after three nights out in the open.

However, a number of aspects to the story were very confusing to me and probably to Victoria Bagshaw  whose comment was, ‘what happened to the back marker’, whilst I wondered how long it would be after they returned home before his wife gave him hell!

Speaking of the Bagshaws, Ian recently sent me some information about a new long distance walk called ‘The Northern Saints’ which was also featured in the latest copy of Rambler magazine. By coincidence, Bill Golightly and I were following a route from Hummerbeck last Tuesday and crossed a few stiles with the new waymarks for this route which prompted me to research it.

Apparently there are a number of routes which highlight many of the attractions of the northeast and the intended launch of these was supposed to have been in March this year, but we all recall what happened then!

On my return from the Hummerbeck walk, I had the pleasure of seeing a roe deer cross the road, safely, in front of my car.

Once again the committee members met on Zoom last Wednesday and the minutes of the meeting will be posted on the website soon. We had hoped to discuss the possibility of producing a programme of walks, that is, until the announcement  that  a maximum of 6 people only, were  allowed in any social group.  Plus the news regarding the worrying  increase in Covid -positive cases, nationally.

It was decided that given the unpredictability of the situation, we would continue as we are, offering non club-related walks through direct contact with Elaine and Marg. I’m sure you will agree that they and other leaders, have been doing sterling work in their efforts to ensure that everyone who wants to walk with a small group, can do so.

There are leaders who will take small groups on walks of varying levels and many members have taken advantage of these. We assume that those who do not are probably like me, not totally confident in a group as yet and of course the restrictions around offering lifts, is still a problem.

However, it is really important for us to know that we are getting it right and therefore, your feedback is very important to us.

If there is anything more we can do please let us know and in the meantime, text or email me with your comments also. It would be lovely to hear from you.


ps the website is up and running again and so that will be the normal platform for my updates in future.