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End of year Greetings 2020

With the New Year fast approaching I’ve been reflecting on what  a difficult and challenging year  2020 has been for everyone and even now as we enter tougher restrictions, we are still in the thick of this awful pandemic.

At least there is a light on the horizon with the promise of a vaccine for everyone and how grateful I am to the amazing scientists who have used their skills and expertise to provide it.  However, this will inevitably be a slow process and until the restrictions are lifted regarding travelling we are unable to provide a programme of walks.

Our club has a history of inclusivity by offering lifts to anyone who doesn’t have transport. There is also an environmental case for sharing transport and it means that we minimise the inconvenience of trying to find parking for many cars in small villages. Many of our members rely on this, while others are quite happy to offer lifts and so, I’m sure you will agree, the system works really well.

Throughout 2020 our membership has continued to grow, no doubt reflecting an upsurge in physical exercise as a means of improving both physical and mental wellbeing. As walkers, we don’t need convincing of this and we have all felt the loss of regular walks and events during the year.

Since March, I have endeavoured to keep in touch with everyone and believe that members who having weighed the risks and who wished to join an informal walk could do so, most weeks. This is thanks to leaders such as Marg, Elaine, Richard and others who have kept our club running.

However, many of our members come into the ‘vunerable’ category for one or more reasons and I know that they are eager to join group walks again as soon as possible.  The committee will be on standby for any change in restrictions and we will let you know as soon as we are able to run a programme.

Attached is notification of the AGM  to be held in February on Zoom and we hope as many of you as possible will join the event. To acquire the link, you will have to email me directly at

If you have internet access but haven’t  Zoomed before, I will be happy to talk you through it with a practice beforehand.

Nigel has asked for discussion items and new ‘committee member’ proposals to be forwarded to him before January 12th.

I would like to encourage anyone who enjoys a good night out to become part of our committee. Some of us (not mentioning any names) are decidedly ‘getting on’ and the future of the club rests with the ‘younger’ element. This is not an onerous commitment and the greater the number,  the lighter the work load for everyone.

I hope by the time we Zoom meet in February, we will have a better idea of when our programme will be able to start. Until then, let’s look forward to a Much Happier New Year and lots of lovely reunions.