About Us

The club was first established in 1936 and the first walk was on Sunday 8th November 1936. Then there were 50 members and it was arranged that there would be walks alternating half day Saturday and a full day Sunday. The transport to the beginning was by bus or train and in the winter months there were social events such as map reading, first aid and slide shows. In the summer we walk all Saturdays and Sundays.

Now we are in the year 2019 and the club has expanded somewhat. There are now around 100 members of mixed ages and ability. The walks still alternate Saturday and Sunday over the winter but both are now full day walks.

The Saturday walk leaves from the E.D.W. Homes on Coniscliffe Road at 09.45 a.m. or at the leaders discretion and the Sunday walk leaves the Arts centre in Vane Terrace at 9.15 a.m. A lot of members have cars so transport is not a problem for anyone and the cost of the petrol is decided by the mileage done.

The walks are categorised and advertised in the local press and libraries as the following. Mileage and Strenuous, Moderate or Easy. In the summer months we do walk every Saturday and Sunday.

All are welcome to walk but after 3 rambles we do expect them to join the club and pay the membership fee.

Accompanied under 12’s free, £3 for under 18’s, £8 for over 18’s.

Walkers are advised to carry some form of identification with any necessary medical details and a name and number in case of emergency. A packed lunch and drinks are necessary. Strong walking shoes or boots with 2 pairs of socks and some form of waterproof clothing are also essential. We do collect money (40p per person voluntary) and donate it to HF for the needy, North Air Ambulance and some rescue groups.

Apart from walking we do have a social side. In the Spring we have a weekend away staying in HF houses which are superb value, walks are arranged for the days and entertainment found for the evenings. In the Autumn we usual have a weekend away with a Bus trip.

There are other social events throughout the year, a meal at Christmas, a barbecue in June or July.

The club’s AGM. is in February with committee meetings six times a year.

For more info ring Ian on 01642 785609.