2020_10_04 Coniston Old Man

Leader : Elaine Anderson           Distance ; 9 miles

Will we, won’t we, will we, won’t we?

After the eleventh hour cancellation of our Northern Snowdonia trip earlier on in the year, none of us were sure we would actually get away this time.  Week by week the Covid situation was changing and the rules with it.

Of the original 27 club members due to attend, 23 subsequently set off travelling independently for Monk Coniston.

Sadly for some, it was not the changing rules which would prevent them from attending, it was their ongoing vulnerability to the virus.  These regular club weekend attendees were very much missed by the rest of the group during our few days in Coniston.

We knew our stay at the house would be very different this year due to social distancing requirements and HF certainly did all they could to make our stay as memorable and safe as possible. This included alleviating concerns from some club members due to share a room with friends by offering some last minute accommodation changes at nominal cost which allowed for single room allocations. These easements and regular pre trip updates from HF ensured we were all aware and confident in the new Covid safety processes in place at the HF House prior to our visit.   There were quite a few changes to take onboard, including a 9.30pm last orders in the bar!!

Restrictions on alcohol and subsequent early nights, did however result in the majority of club members arising the next morning wide eyed, bushy tailed and ready for a full days’ walking….. J

There were also some differences to the planned walks this weekend.  All walks had been organised to start and end at the HF House and had been recced in advance.  Smaller groups of 6 and under set out just within sight of another.  Also within “sound” on some occasions as we were all treated to various rousing tunes from our wonderful George over the few days……………… The hills were certainly alive…………..

Thankfully storm Alex did not appear as originally forecast and we were pleasantly surprised that on Saturday the rain did not show until later in the day which allowed both A and B walkers to enjoy some great views of Coniston Water, Holme Fell and Tarn How.

Sunday was a perfect day for our planned walks up Old Man for the A walkers and around the Lake towards Torver for the B’s. Views as we climbed Old Man via Goats water were wonderful and spookily, without prior arrangement, both parties met up in the large garden of the lovely Coniston Inn for a post walk drink.

Monday departure day as with our arrival day, was a free day for club members to do their own thing.  Again, due to Covid regs this enabled smaller groups to move around more easily and choose themselves from the many wonderful things to do in the lakes before returning home.

Yes, our weekend away was very different from those of the past. Social distancing rules meant that we were unable to mix as we might normally do but it was wonderful to see so many of our club members, some of whom we had not seen since the lockdown in March. It was also a real treat to experience a change of scenery during this most difficult year.



Elaine and Marg