2019_11_23 Bishopton

Leader : Richard Harris.          Distance : 8 miles

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Richard reports :-

After meeting with the leader at Bishopton we all had our photo taken in the rain and then set off on what promised to be a wet and drizzly day,  however the weather was kind to us and by the time we had our morning break it was starting to clear up.  However the mud was deep and very sticky, and it took its toll on Ian and Annette,  but we carried on like proper troopers only for Richard to fall foul of a field of horses,  one which was rather frisky and made life rather scary,  however we had our horse whisperer Michael come to the rescue who’s calming influence on the stallion.

Ever onwards we got to a rather awkward field which was very wet and slippery and took a further toll on Ian and after we got to Stillington Ian, Elaine and Nigel took an easier route back to Bishopton while the rest made their way through the fields from Old Stillington.  Once we arrived safely back at the start point we made our way to the Talbot pub tired and ready for a drink.