2019_09_14 Winston

Leader : Richard Harris.          Distance  : 8.5 miles

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Richard reports :-

The day started with 22 walkers ready for the walk and it was a lovely day but slightly chilly, however this soon changed and everyone took their jackets off and we headed off past the holiday chalets and across the fields.  After walking a few miles we crossed a freshly prepared field and a deer startled by the approaching sounds of multiple boots made a quick exit and disappeared down towards the river Tees.  After stopping for our morning tea and a snack we continued to Whorlton Lido to have a lunch break underneath the horse chestnut tree on the village green.

After lunch we made our way to the toll bridge,  we could hear the sound of a distant train while we walked out across the field,  by this time Keiran was quite keen to check out the train so we made it over to the Whorlton station,  upon our arrival we were told that the train was running and if we wanted to we could all get on, so then all 21 walkers boarded the little train for a free ride, except for Bill who decided that he would rather wait it out.

After the train ride we set off again in high spirits and got to Ovington and into the pub where we all settled down for a nice afternoon drink.  Once again after the drink off we set to finish off the walk. Those who were wanting to then went to the Spotted Dog in High Coniscliffe for a refreshing drink.  All in all it was a pleasant walk.  Many thanks for your company today everyone.