2019_07_13 Danby

Leader : Richard Harris.          Distance : 9.5 miles.

Richard reports :-

A foggy start up at the beacon nr Danby,  but this soon cleared.  The weather was warm and not too hot for walking out on the moors.  8 of us set off and we reached Green houses in high spirits for the morning break and call of nature.  We set off again and arrived at Redmire farm wet after making our way through a small wood which had soaked up all the wetness in the morning air. We also had to navigate passed some jumpy cow’s who decided to stampede past us narrowly missing Mark who got to the gate in one piece.

After getting too Tranmire (yes that place that’s signposted on the A171) we fought our way through nettles and a boggy climb up to High Tranmire and took a well earned lunch.

A gentle ramble across the Black Dike Moor we saw the beacon up ahead but still a few miles away.  The purple Heather looked amazing and there were lots of insects and birds going about their busy lives.  We got to the old road and took a stroll up to the beacon where a few more photos were taken.  Then we all went to the Duke of Wellington public house in Danby for a nice afternoon drink.