2019_03_23 Scaling Dam

Leader : Barry Lee.          Distance : 8.5 miles.

Barry reports :-

Scaling Dam,Pannierman’s Causeway,Danby,Beacon Hill,Black Dike Moor. 8.5 mile  circ  moderate walk OL27 map

Twelve brave people met at what used to be the Grapes Inn across the road from Scaling Dam now called The sneaky fox at the Jack & Jill.

We were given permission to use the car parking and facilities.At the moment its a tea room only, but when the building works are finished it will be a hotel, licensed tea room, yurts and glamping, it already has high tech free play ground and mini golf.

From the tea room CP we walked on the RH verge in the direction of Gainsborough to the B1366 the liverton road,and crossed the A171 and took the RH path through the bog keeping our eyes on the lonesome tree in the distance. Once past the tree we walked through a large patch of bracken and heather, after passing through we aimed for the boundary stones where we had tea break.

Next we followed a vague path to sandy slack marsh crossing at a marker post and over a footbridge (from here you can see beacon hill). Continuing ahead to cross a minor road  and onto the pannierman causeway at Clitherbeck we took Lords track towards Danby at the end of track,  we turned left and keeping the drystone wall on our left a down hill to a gate.Turning left and passing through another gate into the wood and over the footbridge to some large rocks for our lunch. Following the wall to the road and continued by road to Danby beacon ,from here the views were really good.Continuing on the Lealhome track and turning left at Brown Rigg we crossed Easington High Moor turning right to Scaling dam car parks, passing the club house to a gate opposite the sneaky fox we crossed the A171,where we had refreshments and ice cream. A pleasant walk with extensive views and good company.