2019_03_03 Beamish

Leader : Jan Mole.                     Distance : 10 miles.


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There were ten of us who set out on this  circular walk around, but not through Beamish open air museum and as we were expecting to be joined by ‘Freya’ of the storm variety, later in the afternoon, a goodly pace was imperative if we wanted a dry finish. We parked near to the museum entrance and headed west towards The Tanfield railway, stopping at Causey Arch for refreshments then north to Andrews house station where we joined the track of the old Bowes railway east to Kibblesworth. Keeping up the pace we nearly forgot lunch but as we headed across the fields we found a less windy refuge and tried to spot the Angel of the North in the distance as we ate. As promised, the climb at the end of the walk was something of a sting in the tail but we succeeded in reaching the cars just as the first drops of rain started.