2018_11_17 Reeth

Leader : Michael Brownbridge.         Distance : 7.5 miles.

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To walk with us you have to have style and indeed we did have stile aplenty on Michael’s walk around the base of our old favourite Calver Hill that lies wedged between Arkengarthdale and Swaledale just outside the hiking capital of the Dales, Reeth. Looking out as we left the town behind it was clear from the spiders web of drystone walls that lay ahead that they all had to be navigated somehow or other and that somehow was of course stiles. We were warned and with a magnificent turnout of 25 it was equally clear that we would have fun on the way.
The weather was a little overcast but comparatively mild but with sunshine promised before noon we set off in good mood heading initially due west crossing field after field and stile after stile until after a climb of around 300ft we reached the rough terrain of the of Reeth Low Moor . We paused a while to take on oxygen and to rally all the troops again.
Off due west again we headed for the half way point of the day just past Cringley Hill passing the entrance to the interestingly named Nova Scotia farm which one must assume had some past connection with Canada’s second smallest Province. Conditions underfoot were generally good with a mixture of rough grass and gravel tracks allowing good progress. As usual in this area the views were magnificent from the hills above to the little twinkling Barney Beck to our west in the valley below.
On reaching our mid way we turned sharp right and after descending gradually alongside a sturdy drystone wall (no stiles) we called a halt for our lunchtime refreshments. By this time, a little later than forecast we did see the sun for a short while so it made our repast all the more pleasurable.
Post lunch we continues to descend following the banks of the well known Fore Gill until on nearing Arkle Village we crossed the minor dales road that eventually leads to the remote Tan Hill some 8 miles to the NW. A little earlier poor Anne took a little tumble and had to fight off the males present all fighting to ‘pick her up’. But she had heard that chat before. Fortunately no serious harm .On reaching Arkle and with Booze in the distance we turned south to follow the banks of the little Arkle Back. Good underfoot conditions mainly as we negotiated the undulating fields and –yes– climbed more stiles.
Before long we were back to civilization as we passed Town End Hall (Home of Rose Petal Beauty Services for those in need) and headed for a pleasant pinta in our old friend The Black Bull.
Yet again a lovely walk and while mother nature did not quite provide according to forecast the weather was just about right for our day.