2018_09_09 Nunnington

Leader : Elaine Anderson.          Distance : 12 miles.


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Elaine reports :-

7 set out from the lovely village of Nunnington on the river Rye set amongst the Howardian Hills.

No time to stop to enjoy the historic Yorkshire Manor House of Nunnington Hall today but a note made to return another day to enjoy the National Trust house and gardens.

Our walk however did take in the 13th century church of All Saints and St James in Nunnington and the beautiful Stonegrave Minster which houses a remarkable collection of heraldry and fragments of ancient crosses.

Whilst we did not see many of the otters, heron or kingfishers along the River Rye, we did enjoy the exploits of our own Indiana Holmes as he waded without hesitation through a very deep ford at East Newton Hall Farm…………….

Post walk drink and lunch for some, was enjoyed at Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe.