2017_07_30 Staithes to Whitby.

Leader : Elaine Anderson.                                Distance : 13 miles.

The Abbey from Endeavour Wharf.
Maz, John, Linda & Jan.
Waiting for the bus to Staithes.
Elaine & Chris lead us through Staithes.
Staithes harbour.
Staithes harbour.
Needs no explanation.
Maz & Linda set of uphill.
Here come the rest
Looking down to Staithes.
The northeast coast towards Whitby.
Tea break on the cliff top.
Tea break on the cliff top.
Port Mulgrave.
Ged & Linda at Runswick Bay.
Jan & Chris check out the information board.
Our route follows the Cleveland Way across the beach.
Maz leads us up the gully, back to the cliff top.
Linda & Elaine front the rest.
Looking back to Runswick Bay.
Lunch at Kettleness.
Disused railway outside Sandsend.
Little Roseberry ?
Icecreams at Sandsend.
Looking across the bay to Whitby.
Anna, Millie & Joe joined us today.
The Whale bones on the West Cliff.
Whitby Abbey.
End of the walk restauraunt.


Today we met up in Whitby for the bus ride to Staithes for Elaine’s linear walk back.

13 walkers including 4 new walkers who joined us – Linda, Anna and her 2 children Milly and Joel.

We climbed out of Staithes on the Cleveland Way before stopping for a break  on the cliff top.

Very short showers caused us to don waterproof jackets 3 times over the course of the day.

On the whole it was a descent day’s weather. Our route went on to Runswick Bay where we had to cross the beach before climbing out again.

The benches at Kettleness provided our lunchtime  stop. Halfway to Whitby.

On along the cliffs before we descended to Sandsend where some partook of icecreams.

3 miles to go before a welcome return to Whitby.

The Hurworth contingent of Ian (our chairman), Victoria and Robert had done a shorter walk from Runswick Bay to Whitby,

We all met up for the customary Fish & Chips in Trenchers restauraunt.

We all agreed it was a great day out, well organised by Elaine,