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Above are some of the photographs sent in by club members who were lucky enough to be out and about walking safely during 2020.

Due to coronavirus our club are currently unable to provide the usual programme of formal walks. However where regulations have allowed, small groups of club members have been able to undertake private/informal walks. This has enabled a large proportion of our regular club walkers, the opportunity to enjoy the countryside whilst observing social distancing and transport restrictions.

The club hopes to be up and running again when the covid situation improves, so please keep visiting the site for updates and in the meantime, here’s a little about us:-    

The North of England is a hidden gem, with miles of countryside.  Our club makes the most of our surroundings and have organised walks on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year.  In recent years we have also introduced a series of less strenuous midweek walks, usually on a Tuesday or Thursday.

The Sunday and midweek walks are now all year round. The Saturday walks are every week April to December, December to March they are on alternate Saturdays.

The Saturday walks leave from the ED Walker Homes on Coniscliffe Road at 09:15am, the Sunday walks leave from the Art Centre in Vane Terrace at 09:15 and the midweek walks also from ED Walker Homes on Coniscliffe Road at 09:30am.

We welcome new members throughout the year; this is a brilliant way to meet new people and make new friends.

We offer 3 rambles with our group as an introduction to the Darlington CHA & HF Rambling Club, but after this, anyone who wishes to become a member will be required to pay the annual membership fee of £8.

We also organise group walking trips and short breaks each year. In the Spring we have a weekend away staying in HF houses. In the Autumn we have another weekend away with a coach trip.   Alongside weekends away we try to organise other social events throughout the year; a meal at Christmas and a BBQ in the Summer.

If you are interested in walking with us, please feel free to get in touch.

Contact Jan 01325 356029 or Nigel 07926051801 for more details.